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Welcome to the Group's website Cecaso

Here we introduce you to our group and services, as well as a bit of our history and values ​​by which we are governed.

Cecaso Group, started its activities in Angola in 1996 on the areas of Consulting, Trading and Representation.


By carrying out strategic partnerships could position ourselves in the Angolan market as an asset to the construction and consolidation of business development processes.

we reserve for a policy of absolute transparency and trust with different trading partners, giving represented a clear and objective perspective on the Angolan market.

The Group's strategy, which is directed by unity of purpose with its partners, selected to ensure each company the highest quality of services provided.

The various subsidiaries are managed independently by management teams that develop their own strategies based on technical factors and economic recovery.

We believe that ethics and good business go together naturally to produce better results for all parties involved, there are fundamental principles of our Trust, Cooperation, Innovation, Efficiency and Social Responsibility.